is the way to know a brand in the most important and measurable way: Does your brand attract a price premium vs. other offerings in the category?


understands brand equity in the context of the regions where you are doing business now.

Brandflows also answers these questions for your brand by attribute and feature:

What is the individual contribution of each brand attribute or feature?

When will overall brand equity rise for each percentage change in contributing attributes or features?

Where should the brand allocate scarce communications dollars to improve brand perceptions; which attributes or features should be targeted?

How much ROI is generated for brand image improvement on key attributes or feature drivers of brand equity?

A collaborative partnership of Choiceflows (Cf) in the U.S. and Australia Online Research (AOR), Brandflows is the new way to understand the power of your brand…

…based on decades of experience from pioneers in choice experiments and choice modeling, online research, and advancing decisions in organizations.

Brandflows looks at opportunities for your brand to improve margin in a market context – and opportunities to improve repeat purchase, loyalty, and willingness to make recommendations to others.

A Decision Support System [DSS] can be provided to identify the impacts of changes in individual brand attributes or features on overall Brand Equity, resulting in increased market share at the same price, or increased profitability at premium price levels!

Global brand studies have value for master brand management – Brandflows provides specific guidance for the decisions you need to make on a market-by-market basis with varying economic and cultural contexts included in the customer choices.

Learn more about Brandflows and why it’s a game-changer for brand managers, brand stewards, and demand-generation executives leading the way for profitable sales.

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